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Friday Faves

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I'm trying to blog better, but this is one thing that always gets put to the side and then forgotten about. I have been reading up on how to develop your brand and blogging, Aeolidia has been a big source of inspiration! I suggest checking it out if you haven't already.

In my attempt to become a better blogger I will fist focus on creating a few series, with a focus I hope it will be easier to manage than having the daunting task of what do I write about today. So without further adieu - I bring to you my first Friday Faves!

This week I went to Etsy to pull my top favorite finds from the week. 

1. Turquoise Ring, Mineralogy | 2. Glass Terrarium, The Land of Salt | 3. Pillow, Mae Woven | 4. Hanging Planter, HRUSKAA | 5. vase, The Object Enthusiast | 6. Oversized Paper Clip, Gallivanting Girls